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Hadlee Holik

four years ago, in a moment, a life prepared, one so full of purpose and impact was born. Hadlee, truly a gift to be held loosely, only for a while. But, it all seemed as only the beginning of a lifetime, yet it quickly turned to the most unnatural thing. My baby had brain cancer.

During those days, what was the most precious gift in my hands suddenly became so much more. It was a life. Her life. There was greater meaning in every breath and in each moment.

life was ‘holding-on and slipping-away’ all at the same time. So in those moments with her, there was this urgency, to hold on tighter, to look at her deeper and embrace her touch, but then also to share her life. To allow her to touch another deeply. To go beyond ourselves.

so here we are, you and I, with breath in our lungs, and it makes me think, could we do the same? Seldom, do we realize the impact of one conversation, one act of kindness, and how intentional choices can change the course of someone else’s life.

The theme of this years race is TO LIVE FOR MORE. Would we be willing to go outside of our box to share with another? To be vulnerable and brave. So that at the end of our days, life wasn’t just about ourselves. But instead, we connected, we listened, we gave, became real, and shared honest hardships. And when we do, we unselfishly trade our own fears for a glimpse of hope and purpose in someone’s eyes.

Your life is a gift.
Your story has purpose.
Choose to live for more.

-Written by Shyanne Holik
- All T-Shirt Proceeds will benefit the Hadlee Holik Memorial Fund @ SAA
- CLICK HERE for more 2019 Race Details! 


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